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16Nov2017 tzimtsum*, a Presburger arithmetic proposition decider Haskell library
15Feb2017 rozakruco*, a game for anyone curious about color in art history
27Nov2017 angelic-hierarchy*, a game about Turing machines, busy beavers, and math
28Oct2017 ciascun-m-annoja, a delayed autodecryption Python library
28Nov2017 rust-and-stardust, a public limited-entropy beacon
03Dec2017 swaddle, subitizing sublimated
22Aug2017 thetapack, type-homogenous, crypto-friendly, auto-padded, compact binary serialization

30Oct2017 On the Analytic A Posteriori Epistemical Nature of Interactive and Zero-Knowledge Protocols cs, phil
25Oct2017 Icarus Moderated* poetry
04Aug2017 An Explicit Example of Recursion in Tree-Based ORAM Simulators cs, math
26May2017 Provisioning a Local Private Ethereum Network with Puppeth tech
18May2017 Canonical NYC Subway Station Names tech, civ
10May2017 Giuro Che Ho Visto Questo* trv, art
03May2017 What does the Rigveda say about dairy in the United States? arg
25Apr2017 Sonnet Upon Hearing the Rustonomicon Sung in the User Group* poetry, lit, tech, hum
14Apr2017 Possible Things Charles Kinbote has "Real Bad, Chum"* lit, hum
13Apr2017 Waxwing sketch
26Feb2017 Solutions to Common Self-Hosted Mail Server Issues tech
14Feb2017 Optimizing Differentiability in Weighted-Frequency Color Coding math, cs
13Feb2017 Semantic Traveler Wristbands trv
20Jan2017 Airport Wi-Fi Rankings trv
11Jan2017 Rejected Ariel Lines* lit, math, cs, hum
08Jan2017 Verifying the Orientation of Villa La Rotunda* trv, art
02Oct2016 Connecting to AirBears2 on Linux with NetworkManager tech

Calvino If on a winter's night a traveler
Borges The Library of Babel
Nabokov Pale Fire
Rilke Duino Elegies
On smoking altars, to the gods he paid:
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