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30Oct2017 On the Analytic A Posteriori Epistemical Nature of Interactive and Zero-Knowledge Protocols cs, phil
28Oct2017 ciascun m'annoja: a delayed autodecryption Python library cs
25Oct2017 Icarus Moderated poetry
22Aug2017 Thetapack: Type-homogenous, crypto-friendly, auto-padded, compact binary serialization tech, cs
04Aug2017 An Explicit Example of Recursion in Tree-Based ORAM Simulators cs, math
26May2017 Provisioning a Local Private Ethereum Network with Puppeth tech
18May2017 Canonical NYC Subway Station Names tech, civ
10May2017 Giuro Che Ho Visto Questo trv, art
03May2017 What does the Rigveda say about dairy in the United States?
25Apr2017 Sonnet Upon Hearing the Rustonomicon Sung in the User Group poetry, lit, tech, hum
14Apr2017 Possible Things Charles Kinbote has "Real Bad, Chum" lit, hum
13Apr2017 Waxwing sketch
26Feb2017 Solutions to Common Self-Hosted Mail Server Issues tech
14Feb2017 Optimizing Differentiability in Weighted-Frequency Color Coding math, cs
13Feb2017 Semantic Traveler Wristbands trv
20Jan2017 Airport Wi-Fi Rankings trv
11Jan2017 Rejected Ariel Lines lit, math, cs, hum
08Jan2017 Verifying the Orientation of Villa La Rotunda trv, art
02Oct2016 Connecting to AirBears2 on Linux with NetworkManager tech

tzimtsum, a Presburger arithmetic proposition decider Haskell library
ciascun-m-annoja, a delayed autodecryption Python library
thetapack, type-homogenous, crypto-friendly, auto-padded, compact binary serialization
rozakruco, a game for anyone curious about color in art history
busybeaver, a game about Turing machines

Calvino If on a winter's night a traveler
Roy The God of Small Things
García Márquez One Hundred Years of Solitude
Ishiguro Never Let Me Go
Borges The Library of Babel
Murakami Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
Eco The Name of the Rose
Nabokov Pale Fire
Twice to have seen our Ilium overthrown.
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