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Ever wanted a common entropy source without direct interaction? Do you have commitment (scheme) issues? Don't trust the NIST beacon?

rust-and-stardust is here to help. When accessed, this page queries for the latest headlines from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Times of India, Wall Street Journal, BBC, France24, Xinhua, The Moscow Times, Buenos Aires Herald, and hashes them together, along with an optional nonce of your choosing.

Our security assumption is that all the agencies are not maliciously cooperating together to influence the digest.

Since newspaper headlines do not contain much entropy; the digest is only unpredictable in its entirety: it is not suitable as a seed for CSPRNGs, nor should the "digest mod 2" or similar functions be treated as random.

Under the assumption, you can be confident the digest is not predictable to anyone without the nonce. If given the secret nonce, one agency might be able to carefully craft a headline in order to affect the digest, but must restart the crafting process every time an honest news agency posts.

You probably want to run rust-and-stardust locally for security. A short Python program is available.

Example output from 20 December 2017.

utc timestamp: 2017-12-21 03:07:27.054875
digest: <0da2b4f20da52ba70b9730471fca1dc7196c4ca2c201f6fcb2adfb0428e2891f>