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sibylant graze online contact

sibylant graze lets you play the word game Contact online.

You’ll need at least two friends and three minutes to play.

Alack, alack, alack! The mystical sorcerer Rozakruco Growley, having discovered a certain dark magick spell, has taken control of our realm.

It’s up to the SemIO-Techs Resistance to decrypt the spellword and defeat Rozakruco.

For comments, send a Keybase message to modalduality or an e-mail to surya at modalduality dot org. Source code available in the public domain. Submit patches by e-mail or Keybase. Room names provided by Klaus Llwynog.

If you’d like to win, you must choose clues that softly—accidentally—alight and glance away from your partner’s angelic justification; not too blunt, yet intense enough for that slightest first touch (just one!) to remain resonating in their dreams for years to come, intermittently reviving the forgotten memories of a lost sycamore.

This is what we call the sibylant graze. Let’s play poetry karuta!